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The work “Analysis-Paralysis” addresses the subject of anxiety by choice overload. In this contemporary society we are overwhelmed by an absurd amount of options; from the 100 different brands in a grocery store to the plethora of study paths to choose from. Inspired by the research of psychologist Barry Schwartz, Spencer concluded that over-analyzing has now become a problem. A problem which often results to us not taking action at all when it comes to making a choice. By embodying the paralysis, Spencer strives to translate, as well as project these contemporary feelings towards the audience. By playing with sound and repetition, she confronts the viewer with the time that is passing, the time that we unknowingly spend paralyzed in this world.


Moving-image installation 2,5 x 5m, 2,5 x 5m


The work I ’m Over Hope is my reaction to the 2016 theme of the Veerstichting Symposium; “Over Hoop”. I often wonder do we ever get enough time to have hope, or reflect on events that are happening around us? With the plethora of media outlets around us we are constantly overwhelmed by the horrible tragedies that are happening, we almost become addicted to reading about it or looking at the news, this creates fright and anxiety for society.


Yet, at the same time, these media devices almost give us the ability to easily forget. With a push on the remote of your TV, or a scroll with your mouse you are transported into Netflix, Facebook, an article about the Kardashians, or the new Idols season that has started in the Netherlands. How is our brain able to reflect when what we “should” be talking about or looking at changes so quickly. This balance between unconsciously not being able to care, and feeling anxious and in mourning is a thin line.


With this short abstract film, my intention is not to judge society on what is happening, but rather to give the audience the time to reflect on this. The work has many different layers to compliment the idea of the thin line of that there is hope or no hope. I also wanted to stress how easily we can be distracted by the media in the sense that we forget everything around us. For this, I, for example, used the bizarre flying Hema Gehaktbal that was also incorporated in the Veerstichting text.


The poem that is used in this film is written by myself.
Overall I want to believe that there is hope, and maybe if people watch this film they can see that we do believe in hope, but that we are often blinded by the other distractions around us.To see the Veerstichting Symposium theme sketch:

ceci n'est pas une bathroom


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